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Growing up in Ohio, Zach developed a love for hunting and the outdoors early on. After harvesting his first deer, and his first hunt listening to gobbling spring turkeys, he was hooked. It was this passion, more so obsession, that drove him for a career in the hunting industry. At the age of 18, Zach began guiding deer hunts in Illinois while doing landscaping the rest of the year. It was after 8 years of guiding deer hunts he decided to take his dream of moving to Iowa and working full time in the hunting industry and make it a reality. Zach is now a full time employee of Killer Gear, hunting, videoing, working trade shows, as well as many other things. If you run into him, it won’t take you long to see his love for hunting and his outdoor career.

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The “Dagger” Buck

As a red headlamp shines at my feet on a foggy morning walk in the dark, I can’t help but be reminded of 12 hours prior,...

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Filming A New Mexico Elk Hunt

It’s a mid September morning and the air is crisp at 9000 feet....

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Montana Speed Goats

Chasing the Montana Speed goat with both Bow and Camera....

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The Flyer Buck

As I lay awake in bed two hours before my 4:00 am alarm is set to sound, each minute feels like an hour....

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South Dakota Merriams

Upon first glance at the South Dakota landscape, I had my doubts that there was even a turkey in the area. While it was an amazing scenery,...

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