KillerGear™ – A group of guys supporting a lifestyle by turning innovative outdoor thoughts and ideas into real marketable products for guys with the same life style.

KillerGear is an outdoor product manufacturing and marketing company. We are a group of guys with ridiculously expensive habits and addictions to adventure hunting. Being entrepreneurs what better way to fund our expeditions to far off places and piles of overpriced hunting and filming gear, than to bring our garage built hunting based ideas and inventions to the market place. The flagship product of KillerGear is the Turkey Fan™. After several years of product development and product design, we felt comfortable to launch this product into the marketplace. We have several other outdoor products in the pipeline and plan to pursue many ideas in the near future. Please contact one of our founders if you have an idea you’ve

The Founders and Staff of the Killer Gear Company…

Will Downard // FOUNDER

Growing up being raised, taught, and groomed to hunt and kill giant whitetails left little room for life to take Will anywhere but the great outdoors. Being an entrepreneur it was only natural for Will to find his niche in the hunting industry. Between coming up with new ideas and taking them to market, creating brands, running businesses, and raising a family, Wills passion lies in adventure and bow hunting. Weather traveling to far off unknown places or chasing whitetails and turkeys behind the house like he did growing up, Will finds himself filming and writing these days, turning his hunting exploits into an art form to be seen and shared in short films.

Rick Franco // CO-FOUNDER

Born in the bayous of South Louisiana, but now proudly calling Iowa home, Rick is one of the founding members of KillerGear.  Rick’s military background, ethics, and experience were a perfect match for the company.  His drive for quality, service and loyalty are part of what makes up KillerGear. Rick is a passionate bowhunter, that has affinity for large Midwest whitetails and African game.

Zach Miller // STAFF and CAMERA MAN

Growing up in Ohio, Zach developed a love for hunting and the outdoors early on. After harvesting his first deer, and his first hunt listening to gobbling spring turkeys, he was hooked. It was this passion, more so obsession, that drove him for a career in the hunting industry. At the age of 18, Zach began guiding deer hunts in Illinois while doing landscaping the rest of the year. It was after 8 years of guiding deer hunts he decided to take his dream of moving to Iowa and working full time in the hunting industry and make it a reality. Zach is now a full time employee of Killer Gear, hunting, videoing, working trade shows, as well as many other things. If you run into him, it won’t take you long to see his love for hunting and his outdoor career.


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