Why Hunt? – Its Childs Play!


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That is exactly what hunting is to me, child’s play.

Not in the sense that it is easy, or for children, but that it makes me feel like a kid again.  Maybe it is because I am getting older now, have a family of my own and see my kids, who are young, play and laugh.  This idea of child’s play came to me a few days ago, as I had just obtained permission to hunt a farm that is literally a 60 second ride in my John Deer gator up the gravel road from my house.  The joy, and giddiness from the excitement of the possibilities made me smile and chuckle to myself.  Too often I think we as adults get caught up in the day to day of life.  It happens…kids, work, stress….life as they say.  But that doesn’t mean we should forget what it is like to be kids, to laugh and play.  For me, an avid hunter, this time of year is playing.  For that matter, it is the entire year as I plan, anticipate and look to the next season, and or adventure.  I challenge those of you out there reading this that are not hunters to explore what makes you laugh, feel young and want to keep at it.  That will become your child’s play.  This is mine, and I will endeavor to hold on to it.  Remember, keep playing and have fun.  Life is short and meant to be lived.


-Rick Franco








Last modified: January 22, 2018

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