The perfectFan is the first and only decoy to be sold with REAL FEATHERS. No more having to use your trophy from the prior year to outfit your decoys. The PerfectFan can utilize any turkey feathers, it can be used with the feathers included or feathers you already have. Extra feather packs are available for purchase. The PerfectFan is designed to be used on a bow, on a gun, by hand, or in tandem with any full strut decoy.

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Real Feather Pack


Dramatically increase your odds of harvesting a bird by using the JakeFan as a traditional stationary decoy or a run and gun Fanning decoy all in one, to trigger the territorial response of a dominant tom against an adolescent Jake.

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The PerfectFan is a patent pending multi use real feathered decoy. The real feathered PerfectFan is SOLD WITH REAL FEATHERS included. Also included are bow and gun mounts. The PerfectFan mounts to any bow for a bow mounted Fan decoy or any shotgun for a gun mounted Fan decoy. The PerfectFan can be staked in the ground or used by hand. It will also take the place of fabric fans on any full strut decoy. The PerfectFan utilizes individual real feathers. when one gets damaged it can quickly and easily be switched out. The feathers adjust in a 3 axis clamp allowing any combination of feathers to be aligned for a Perfect TurkeyFan every time. The PerfectFan quickly and easily folds up for transport in and out of the field with out damaging the feathers and most important eliminates the safety concern of carrying a full fanned out turkey tail through the field.

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